Our Goal: ‘To safely and securely, ready every person in the UK for the cryptocurrency and blockchain future.’

We Teach Your Staff

About The BLOCKCHAIN For Free.

We offer you and your team a free, one-hour webinar that will introduce and ready you for the blockchain.

In the webinar, we will cover:

  • How blockchain works.
  • Smart Contracts are coming and they will change everything.
  • Which businesses are already using blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrency is going mainstream – The Governments plans
  • What’s coming that will change your world.

The changes that blockchain is bringing over the next few years are on par with how the birth of the internet altered the world 30 years ago.

A Certificate of Participation

Is presented to everyone who completes the 1-hour webinar.

Blockchain Britain (www.blockchainbritain.co.uk) will oversee the participation and awarding of certificates to anyone who completes the Blockchain Awareness Webinar.

The certificate rewards your employees for their participation in the webinar, and Blockchain Britain lets you, as an employer know, who has taken the time to watch the 1-hour webinar.

Blockchain Britain was setup to work with Government and employers to; ‘safely and securely, ready every person in the UK for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency future’.


Official Blockchain Specialist

for The London Chamber of Commerce and The Institute of Directors.

Alan Sellers, the founder of Your Crypto Coach Ltd, is the official blockchain and crypto specialist for the London Chamber of Commerce.

Alan is also the only cryptocurrency and blockchain expert on the Institute of Directors Fintech and Finance Group.

He has over 1.7m views on his @YourCryptoCoach_ TikTok channel and runs an active members community, offering safe and secure advice to the Blockchain and Crypto-curious.

Don't Miss Out On The

Blockchain Boom!

In the mid 90s, the Internet changed all of our lives, by firstly opening up our access to information, then allowing us to shop online, then our social lives became an open book and we played games, began streaming music and ultimately movies for entertainment.

Along the way there were several opportunities for us to make money, but most of us missed them.
Then there was the ‘internet bubble’ of the late 1990s, a period of massive growth in the adoption of the Internet, which burst in March 2000 leaving companies and investors broken.

We then all witnessed the rise of the mega-corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon who all make their money on the backs of smaller businesses making money on their platforms.

Now, we enter the Blockchain era. The changes that blockchain will bring, will affect us as much as the early internet affected our parents.

Our goal: is to safely and securely, ready every person in the UK for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency future.