Our Goal: ‘To safely and securely, ready every person in the UK for the cryptocurrency and blockchain future.’

Essential, Online Blockchain Training

For U.K. Businesses

If you are to remain competitive; all U.K. businesses need to be blockchain aware.

This 50 min, online introduction to Blockchain, covers:

  1. What blockchain is and how it works.
  2. How blockchain will affect you and your business.
  3. What opportunities are there for U.K. businesses.

A Slice of What We Cover

Look who is investing in Blockchain

Find out more inside...

We give you a basic understanding in plain English, of how blockchain works. We then highlight the incredible rate of adoption that the blockchain is achieving right now, and we look at who is investing in it and why.

We breakdown what blockchain is currently being used for; such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, NFT’s,  procurement tracking, and the rapid decentralisation of traditional centralised systems.

We highlight the current opportunities within blockchain for UK Businesses, as well as the potential Business opportunities coming down the track. We take a look at how fast changes are happening compared to the rise of the Internet in the 90s and the take up of mobile devices.

Do you have any Questions?

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About Us

Alan Sellers:
Your Blockchain & Crypto Coach

Alan Sellers is the founder of Your Crypto Coach Ltd, and is the official blockchain and crypto specialist for the London Chamber of Commerce.

Alan is also the only cryptocurrency and blockchain expert on the Institute of Directors Fintech and Finance Group.

Blockchain/Crypto Curious Since 2016

Alan is an experienced business and football coach with a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency. His TikTok channel: @YourCryptoCoach_ has over 2 million views.